Dear Passengers, here are some tips that will ensure you a peaceful and timely flight.

1. Before leaving the house:

  • Find out what is needed by the target countries of personal documents (eg. Passport, visa, etc.). In the absence of relevant documents at the check, airlines reserve the right to refuse to carry and disclaim any responsibility for any resulting resulting damage.

  • Get the details about this trip, ie. The flight number, departure time and airport / terminal.

  • Get information on the permitted amount of luggage. Summing undrawn luggage is not allowed.

  • Learn about the items that can not be transported. Before the trip again, make sure that all sharp objects such as scissors, cutlery or pocket knives are safely stowed in checked baggage.

2. At the airport:

  • Come in advance of knowing exactly check their flight hours. In case of no time passenger airlines reserve the right to reject any person on board the aircraft and canceled without refund of the money.

  • Again, make sure you adjust the dimensions of your luggage to the permitted limit. Top Carry the minimum amount of luggage. For reasons of safety and comfort of all passengers baggage must fit under the seat or in the baggage compartments above the seats.

  • Passport and customs clearance normally begins 30 minutes prior to departure. During the briefing must show your boarding pass and passport / photo.

3. check-in desks at the airport Goleniów:

  • If you podrużował LOT Polish Airlines should arrive at the airport no later than the time indicated by the carrier, at least 1 hour before departure in order to make a clearance.

  • If you are a low-cost passenger airline (Ryanair, Norwegian) requires you to show up at check in 2 hours before departure. Cheap airline check-in is closed 40 minutes prior to departure. In case of being late for check-check-in, you will not receive the card boarding, not having the same able to fly.

  • Ryanair passengers who are late for check ticket and luggage (check-in), but there will be before the departure in at the check-in, they can book their ticket to another date for a fee of 275 PLN.

4. Documents:

  • If you do not have a valid visa and other travel documents (passport, vaccination certificates, etc.) Required in the countries that you plan to visit, you assume the risk of being refused the state border by border control authorities.

  • Passengers can cross the border on the basis of the identity card, for flights to European Union countries (such as Great Britain or Ireland) and in countries which are members of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway. Important that the document was valid, the data placed on it to be correct, and recent photograph. However, be aware of the current new identity cards because only those will be honored.

  • It is advisable to bring a printout confirming your reservation, which you can print yourself at home immediately after purchase. It is included in the reservation number required at check-in desks, as well as information about the flight number, departure and arrival times to the destination.

5. Luggage - l imity baggage free of charge:

a) Polish Airlines - (

Domestic flights:



Checked Baggage:

20 kg


Hand luggage:

1 piece of cabin baggage of overall dimension not exceeding 115 cm and a weight of 6 kg and a laptop


Flights to / from Europe and to / from the Middle East:



Checked Baggage:

20 kg

30 kg

Hand luggage:

1 piece of cabin baggage of overall dimension not exceeding 115 cm and a weight of 6 kg and a laptop

1 piece of cabin baggage of overall dimension not exceeding 115 cm or clothing bag width of 20 cm, and additional briefcase with dimensions of 45 × 35x23 cm or a laptop computer. The total weight does not exceed 9 kg.

Cruises to / from the US and Canada:



Checked Baggage:

2 pieces, in that the size of one piece can not exceed 158 cm, and the other 140 cm. One piece may not weigh more than 23 kg.

2 pieces, in that the size of one piece must not exceed 158 cm. One piece may not weigh more than 32 kg.

Hand luggage:

1 piece of dimension not exceeding 100 cm and weighing up to 6 kg

1 piece of dimension not exceeding 100 cm and weighing up to 9 kg.

b) Airlines RYANAIR - (

Checked Baggage: 15 kg per passenger (Carrier does not allow the weight of baggage within a reservation, or to carry baggage of another passenger, who did not personally goes on a journey).

Carry-on baggage: 10kg per passenger, with total dimensions not exceeding 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.

The cost of one bag checked baggage paid by Internet 35 PLN, paid at the airport - 70 PLN. For each additional kilogram (excess weight) greater than 15 kg per passenger, charged 53 PLN / kg.

Passengers should note that one passenger is entitled to only 15 kg of checked baggage, to purchase additional bags 15 keel is dwukrotnny cost of the bag (70 PLN x 2 = 140 PLN) plus the cost of excess baggage 53 PLN x number of pounds of excess baggage (53 PLN x 15 kg = 795 PLN).

The passenger may unusual baggage such as sports equipment, musical instruments. Carriage of such baggage is payable: sports equipment paid for by the Internet will cost approx. 120 PLN (, paid at the airport or via Call Center - approx. 147 PLN. Large musical instruments funded by the Internet will cost approx. 120 PLN (, paid at the airport or via Call Center - approx. 147 PLN. Smaller instruments such as guitar, cello, violin, viola can be carried in the cabin after making reservation and paying an extra seat on the plane.

c) Airline NORWEGIAN - (

Carry-on baggage: 1 piece of hand luggage weighing not more than fifteen (15) kg and not larger than 55 × 40x20cm.

Checked Baggage: weight not exceeding 40 kg (two bags of 20 kg each). Each suitcase is approx. PLN 20 when paid while buying a ticket ( or approx. 41 PLN per each suitcase, if you pay at the airport. For every kilogram of excess baggage will be charged at the airport approx. 25 PLN.

Sports equipment with large dimensions, such as surfboards and bicycles are large size, which is transported only for a fee. Passengers must notify the carrier of the need to transport that unusual big musical instrument or surfboard goal reservation required space no later than 48 hours prior to departure.

In this case, please call in Norway 815 21 815 (ext. 2) or +47 21 49 00 15 (ext. 2) when calling from Norway. Passengers traveling with bikes on board the plane should formalities connected with the passenger briefing no later than 1 hour prior to departure. Is not transported windsurfing equipment.

d) Baggage for infants and children up to two years:

For infants and children up to the age of two can bring a bag with things for the trip of a weight not exceeding 5 kg, this limit includes car seat, pram or stroller. Traveling with a baby or a child under the age of two passenger is not entitled to take another piece of cabin baggage on board the aircraft.

Baby prams and car seats, bicycles, equipment, golf, skiing, fishing rods and other sports equipment as well as paintings and other delicate objects are objects that are unsuitable for carriage by air. However, when the carriage of these items is necessary to note that the above-mentioned delicate items must be properly packed so that they are not damaged during transport.

5. Duty-free limits:

In international traffic, passengers may bring to the Polish duty-free under the following standards are not more than:

  • 1 liter of spirits, 2 liters of wine, 5 liters of beer, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco / tobacco, perfume no more than 50 ml eau de toilette and no more than 250 ml.

  • In addition to the in / in goods, the traveler can bring in the personal luggage of other commodities, with a total value not exceeding € 175, and the traveler under 15 years of age with a total value of no more than 90 €.

  • Passengers may benefit from the exemption from customs duties of goods, referred to above, within the framework established quantitative standards no more than 1 time per month.

6. The Executive Lounge:

Salon is located in the departure area. Open is at your disposal - 60 minutes before each departure overseas. All other passengers for a fee of 70 PLN directly at the entrance to Executive Lounge.

7. Passenger Safety:

  • Pay attention to the signs of parking restrictions, especially near the Terminal.

  • Strzerz their travel documents.

  • If you notice any unattended baggage, package, plastic bag, bag immediately inform the security service (uniformed) or airport personnel.

  • In the event of an emergency follow the instructions given by the person in uniform or airport personnel.

8. Items not accepted for carriage.

Passengers are required to remove from your hand luggage or personal belongings items not accepted for carriage in the cabin. You should carefully read the safety instructions on the ticket and information boards. During the safety inspection prior to check-baggage passenger should be placed in checked baggage items not accepted for carriage in the cabin. Items not accepted for carriage in the cabin will not be accepted for deposit; Passengers are required to remove them from scrutiny gejcie security.

6 November 2006: in cabin baggage only a small amount of liquid. The passenger is allowed to carry a maximum of 1 liter of liquid, cream or gel. Each package, which contains these substances should not exceed a volume of 100 ml and should be packed in a transparent plastic bag closed, which can be examined by appropriate personnel. More information is available on the website

Passengers are required to provide personnel at the security check all fluids transported out of baggage notebooks and other large electronic devices to be checked separately. Electronic devices must be charged and to be able to turn them during the inspection.


  • explosives including detonators, fuses, mines and grenades;

  • gases, propane, butane;

  • flammable liquids: ie. gasoline, methanol, flammable objects and reactive substances, including magnesium, podpałkami, fireworks, flares;

  • oxidizers and organic peroxides: including bleach kits car body repair;

  • toxic or contagion: including rat poison, infected blood, radioactive substances including medical or commercial isotopes;

  • corrosive materials: including mercury, vehicle batteries, vehicle fuel system components, which had previously been filled with fuel.

  • You can not carry guns, firearms, ammunition and weapons of another kind (including replicas), paints, Christmas crackers toys, devices equipped with internal combustion engines such as chainsaws, model airplanes, lawn mowers, etc.

Note: all sharp objects in odprawianym luggage should be wrapped to prevent injury inspectors and personnel.


Passengers are not permitted to carry high security zone or in the cabin of the aircraft such items as:

  • Weapons: Firearms and other types of; objects that can fire the projectile or causing injury, .: all firearms (pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns etc.), replica and imitation firearms, parts of firearms (excluding telescopic sighting devices and sights), obstructions, rifles and shot guns for guns to race, starting pistols, toy guns of all types, weapon bullets, weapons, industrial bolt and nail guns, crossbows, catapults, harpoons, equipment for the slaughter of animals, devices to stun or shocking, eg. electric fence, conducted energy weapons (laser), lighters shaped like guns, gun and pointed blade.

  • sharp objects: articles pointed or bladed that could cause injury, including axes and hatchets, arrows and darts, crampons (sandals, rods with hooks or plate with iron spikes used in mountaineering), harpoons and spears, axes and ice picks skates, knives with locking or spring with blades of any length, knives, ritual, religious and hunting made ​​of metal or other sharp materials that allow them to be used as a weapon, meat cleavers, machetes, exposed razors and blades (excluding safety or disposable razors with blades in the box), sabers, swords and sticks with swords, scalpels, scissors with blades of any length, skis and poles for walking / climbing, throwing stars.

  • tools that can be used as a weapon or weapons sharp blade: eg. drills and drill parts, box cutters, utility knives, all types of saws, screwdrivers, crowbars, hammers, pliers, wrenches / Adjustable blow torches.

  • blunt tools: any blunt instruments capable of causing injury, including sticks, baseball and softball bats, clubs or batons - rigid or flexible - eg. rubber batons, sticks, leather (leather covered metal baton with flexible shaft), sticks and batons police, cricket bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks and hurley sticks lacrossea, paddles kayak and canoe, skateboards, billiard (snooker, pool), fishing rods, equipment used for martial arts, for example. knuckle-dusters, truncheons, rice sticks, nunczaka, kubatons kubasaunts.

  • Explosives and flammable substances.

  • and toxic chemicals.

9. Recommendations for baggage - REMEMBER:

  • It is your responsibility for the contents of your luggage.
  • It would be worth your luggage was a suitcase / bag with locks (padlocks, combination locks, key locks, etc.)
  • Do not accept any items for the transport (parcels, gifts, envelopes, etc.) From other people.
  • Do not leave your luggage unattended at the airport.
  • It is forbidden for you to pack such items of checked baggage, which are fragile and impermanent, glass bottles, electronic equipment, jewelry and precious stones, cash, keys, cameras and video cameras, important documents, briefcases with alarm systems, medicines, medical and identity documents.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that baggage is properly packed and does not contain any prohibited items, according to the above list.

NOTE: If in doubt, contact your airline you intend to travel from or to its call center.