At the airport there is a lounge Press RELAY ofertujący:

  • more than 600 titles of national and international press
  • cigarettes, tobacco products
  • drinks and sweets, phone cards
  • accessories for traveling,
  • snacks,
  • Batteries for cameras and photographic products
  • stationery and more.

terminal_relay Salon prasowy i księgarnia

Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday from 05:00 to 23:00

Contact by phone store: tel. 091 481 74 50

In the immediate vicinity of the store you can also find a bookstore DISCOVERY Szczecin.

Bookstore offers:

  • hundreds of book titles and albums
  • latest hits from the bestseller lists
  • books for children and young people
  • guides and maps
  • jewelery made of silver and amber
  • souvenirs
  • Airport souvenirs: T-shirts, key rings, mugs and pens

ksiegarnia Salon prasowy i księgarnia

Opening a bookstore - Monday - Sunday from 05:00 to 23:00.

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