Source: WP.PL

Irish airline Ryanair plan to raise fees for baggage carried in the clipboard until reduced to approx. 10 percent. number of passengers who travel with him - said the head of the line in London, Michael O'Leary.

To achieve this goal, the largest low-cost carrier in Europe will be systematically raised the fees for checked baggage.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday O'Leary announced at the same time to increase the fee for the donation of a bag or suitcase on the luggage in the summer months by 20 pounds / euros. Uplift O'Leary explained that summer travelers usually take with them a greater amount of luggage.

Before the announcement of increase in passenger paying 15 pounds / euros for the first bag of 15 kg. and 35 pounds / euros per second, if he was celebrating her flight booking partner (or no later than four hours before departure). If your baggage at the airport celebrated, paying 35 pounds / euros for the first piece of luggage and 70 pounds / euros per second.

O'Leary also confirmed that the pilots Ryanair flight lengthened about two minutes on each flight hour to save on fuel consumption. Savings on this account valued at 80 million or 70 million pounds per year. This does not exclude that in the future airlines also bring charges for luggage. Other plans provide for the sale of advertising carrier on board the aircraft.

Ryanair is known for its ingenuity in imposing additional charges on passengers. Threatened them with even the introduction of fees for using the toilet during the flight, and the introduction of standing. The plan does not, however, limit the automatic air cooling system in aircraft although this would translate into further savings.