We decided to post some information about planes appearing at the airport Goleniów.

Below is a list of aircraft which mostly can be found at the airport:

Airbus A-319, A-320

The Airbus A320 is a compact medium-range passenger aircraft manufactured by Airbus. It is the first passenger plane equipped with a digital flight control system fly-by-wire.

This aircraft was first flown on 22 February 1987, and a year later on March 28, 1988 held its first commercial flight in the colors of Air France.

The Airbus A320 aircraft is the base model A318, A319 and A321. Currently we produced more than 3,000 pieces of A320 Family aircraft. This aircraft is a direct response to a European manufacturer to an American Boeing 737.

a320-kokpit-150x150 Samoloty a320-150x150 Samoloty a320-2-150x150 Samoloty a320-wnetrze-150x150 Samoloty

Airbus A318 / A319 / A321 are manufactured in the German factory comprised in Hamburg, while plants in the French Toulouse created the prototype of the entire family of Airbus A320.

Airbus A-320 Video:

ATR 72-210

It passenger ATR 72 turboprop aircraft produced by the Italian-French company ATR flights (incl .: Aerei da Trasporto Regionale, French .: Avions de Transport Régional), used on regional routes by airlines, among others, EuroLOT, CSA Czech Airlines, Binter Canarias, Alitalia.

Two versions - ATR 72-200 and ATR 72-500 different propulsion units and electro-avionics equipment. The number of seats on the board depends on the configuration of the aircraft. ATR 72 is a metal, passenger high-wing with two turboprop engines and low-level chassis.

atr-72-kokpit-150x150 Samoloty atr-72-150x150 Samoloty

In Poland, only the company EuroLOT group LOT uses 8 ATR 72 aircraft on domestic and foreign, short-haul, low intensity.

Data ATR 72-202:

  • Length: 27.16 m
  • Wingspan: 27.06 m
  • Maximum cruising speed 515 km / h
  • Range of max lift capacity: 700 km
  • Ceiling: 7,620 m (20,000 feet)
  • Range: 1.500 km
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 21500 kg

ATR 72-200 - Euro Lot - video:

ATR 42-500

ATR 42 is an airplane passenger transport, turboprop. It is a short-range high-wing, produced by the Italian-French company ATR flights (incl .: Aerei da Trasporto Regionale, French .: Avions de Transport Régional), used among others by EuroLOT to operate domestic and international flights. There are three versions - ATR 42-300, ATR 42-320 and ATR 42-500. They differ primarily powertrain. In Poland, ATR uses besides Eurolot (group company LOT Polish Airlines), as White Eagle Aviation. The plane ATR-42 is a shorter version of the ATR-72.

atr-42-150x150 Samoloty atr-42-500-150x150 Samoloty

  • Length: 22.67 m
  • Wingspan: 24.57 m
  • Height: 7.59 m
  • Car width: 2.57 m
  • Cabin height: 1.91 m
  • Range: (2 pilots and 46 passengers): 840 NM ~ 1.550 km
  • Speed: 300 ~ 556 km / h
  • Max. Take-off weight: 18.600 kg
  • Max. Perm. load capacity: 5.450 kg
  • Max. Amount of fuel: 4.500 kg
  • Max. Number of passengers: 50

Boeing 737

The Boeing 737 is one of the most popular in the world, wąskokadłubowy medium-range passenger aircraft. Boeing 737 manufactured in several versions from 1967 by Boeing, USA. It is usually ordered airliner of all time: so far ordered a total of 6 160 and 5 009 copies delivered. The Boeing 737 is so widespread that at any time more than 1 250 of these machines is in the air. On average, every five seconds somewhere in the world starts one machine type 737.

Seat configuration of this system "2x3" (two rows of 3 seats in a row).

Model 737-800 may be on your board to take from 162 to 189 (33 rows of 3 seats on the left page and just the right example Ryanair) passengers and 70 530 kg of cargo. It reaches the ceiling to 12 496 m, the speed to 840 km / h and range without landing to 5 420 km.

737-800-150x150 Samoloty 737-800-kokpit-150x150 Samoloty


  • length - 39 m
  • wingspan - 34 m
  • weight - 41.410 kg
  • the amount of fuel - 21.320 kg
  • Fuel consumption - 2.526 kg / h
  • engines - CFM56-7
  • static thrust - 2 x 26,400 lbs
  • A climb speed - 290 km / h (155 - 160 kts.)
  • landing speed - 270 km / h (145 - 150 kts.)
  • speed - up to 840 km / h

Flight from Szczecin (Goleniów airport - London) is only 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Boeing 767

Boeing 767 is a small wide-jet. Work on this aircraft began in 1978 in parallel with the work on wąskokadłubowym Boeing 757. Both aircraft use the same console and many systems (that is why these two similar models have been used in the attacks of September 11, 2001).

b767-150x150 Samoloty b767-2-150x150 Samoloty

The first flight model B767 version 200 took place on 26 September 1981, and the service came exactly a year later in the colors of United Airlines. March 6, 1984 was the first flight of Boeing B767-200 long-distance version of ER (Extended Range).

The most common version of the B767 model is a version of the 300 which differs from the previous greater length and thus capacity. The first flight of the machine took place on January 30, 1986, and the Boeing B767-300 entered service in September of the same year. As with the 200 version was also developed long-distance ER variant, which began service in 1989 and has been widely recognized in the market as an airplane on a little crowded long distances.

The last extension B767 model is a version of the 400 on which work began in 1996. This machine is actually an extension 300ER version that uses elements of a modern model of the Boeing 777, which transferred chassis, braking, and above all modern control panel equipped with LCD displays. This version is offered only as 400ER, but its scope is smaller than the range version of the 200ER and 300ER. The first flight of Boeing B767-400ER took place on 9 October 1999, while regular flights machine started in the colors of Delta Airlines in December 2001.

From the beginning the production of 229 machines were built in version 200 / 200ER and 496 in version 300 / 300ER. Production version 400ER continues today.

It is worth noting that since 1989 the model B767-300ER is used by Airlines on long-haul routes to New York, Chicago and Toronto. Lot has 5 machines 300ER version. These machines will be replaced in 2010. 7 Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

  • Wingspan: 47.6 - 51.9 m (depending on version)
  • Length: 48.5 - 61.4 m (depending on version)
  • Hull width of 5.03 m
  • Height: 15.85 m (-300ER version)
  • The support surface: 285.35 m² (version -300ER)
  • Weight: 80 130 - 103 870 kg (depending on the version)
  • Off weight of 142 880 - 204 120 kg (depending on the version)
  • Maximum speed: 0.86 Ma (913 km / h)
  • Cruising speed: 0.80 Ma (851 km / h)
  • Practical ceiling: 12 500 m (-300 version ER)
  • Range: 6 025 - 12 200 km (depending on the version)
  • Run up 1 710 - 2 896 m (depending on version)

Video of the Boeing 767 PLL Lot:


Mi-2 (Hoplite NATO designation) - average multitasking, with trójłopatowym main rotor helicopter designed by the Soviet design office Mikhail Mila, mass-produced only by PZL Swidnik plant. Mi-2 helicopter was the only former Soviet design has never produced in the USSR.

mi2-300x187 Samoloty

Multipurpose helicopter of the duralumin, monocoque construction in the system Sikorski. The main rotor trójpłatowy metal. Solid chassis with front wheel. The hull is 600 liters of fuel. In addition, two external tanks are 476 liters. The drive consists of two engines PZL GTD-350 350 hp każdy.W later versions (produced in Poland as GTD-350W) achieved an output of 420 hp each. The crew is one pilot or pilot and operator of such equipment. Chemical. Take on board up to 8 passengers or up to 700 kg of cargo.

IL 76

IL-76 is a Russian transport plane, flown in 1971 and produced since 1974 TAPO plant located in Tashkent in Uzbekistan. It is one of the most common transport aircraft. The aircraft was designed to move cargo weighing 40 tons at a distance of 5 000 km in less than 6 hours and be able to take off on short runways and be able to work in adverse weather conditions.

dsc04350_1-300x200 Samoloty

The design was inspired C-141 Starlifter. In 1990 he introduced upgraded versions of the MD and MT, but due to financial problems they produced a limited number [1]. In 1997, production was suspended. In 2004,. Some planes were modernized by replacing their engines [2]. In 2005. China has ordered 34 planes in the MD version and 4 tankers Il-78 [3]. In January 2009, Pakistan received the first of four aircraft ordered the Il-78.

Video with a view of the cockpit of an airplane: