Air Ambulance can no longer work in perfect conditions

On Monday, at the Airport Goleniów ceremonial opening of the newly built station SP Technical Support Helicopter Air Rescue Health Care.

The technical staff is finally excellent working conditions.

Budynek jest piętrowy, połączony z hangarem.

- Agreement with the contractor was signed in October last year - reminds Justin Sochacka, a spokesman SP Health Care Air Ambulance.

- Construction work immediately in full swing. The project was built hangar with dimensions of 30 mx 22 m and a height of 9 m - for the maintenance of helicopters. There was also a part of the socio-technical, including offices and workshop pop magazine used to store special tools and spare parts.

Next to the hangar built a service station przedhangarową plate, internal roads and fencing. The cost of building the Technical Service Station at the Airport Goleniów amounted to nearly 8 million zł, of which 5 269 320 zł that EU funding.