Lines OLT Express will ensure that they will make refunds to passengers for canceled tickets on regular flights purchased through or OLT Express Call Center.

Charter flights will be carried out according to plan - provides carrier.
Passengers of canceled flights are gradually being notified of changes and of their rights by employees call center.

We remind you that in connection with the announced by the airline OLT Express winding-up calls Krakow - Szczecin - Krakow and Katowice OLT Express, for passengers who purchased tickets and can not take a trip planned -przygotował special offer.
Just take it with a ticket for a canceled flight, and we replace his ticket to the connection lines Eurolot - said Mariusz Dabrowski, President Eurolot - The price of a new ticket remain unchanged. All interested in the conversion of tickets, please contact our special hotline (+48 22 574 05 00). The offer also applies to passengers liquidated line Katowice - Szczecin - Katowice who decide to make use of the airport Krakow-Balice.