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News - Airport Goleniow

What's next to the airport in Goleniów?

February 17, we learned that the decision on the loan for the airport in Goleniów was adjourned. As we said at the time Goleniów Airport spokesman, Christopher Domagalski, "the bank asked to reschedule the decision".
- Port of Szczecin-Goleniów provided any additional documents requested by the bank which - he said.
Credit decision today would collapse. We checked this time to give the following [...]

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Scandal at the Airport - the plane did not reach

The scandal at the airport in Poznan. Yesterday evening the passengers from Szczecin rather than arrive by plane to Goleniowo, arrived at the airport after seven hours, because they had to go by bus.

Passengers who on Wednesday instead of by plane from Poznan to Goleniowo had to travel by bus, are outraged by the attitude of airport maintenance. - If someone had told us right away, zdążylibyśmy [...]

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We will fly to Copenhagen

From May next year, we will be able to fly Goleniowo Norwegian planes to Copenhagen.
Carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle, runs 3 flights per week. The flight will last 45 minutes. The first flight will start on 4 May 2012.
- At the beginning of the evening will be a boat - tells Maciej obrot, President of Ireland West Knock Airport. - But on 25 June 2 trips [...]

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With Goleniowo to Wroclaw and Krakow.

In October of Goleniowo fly to Wroclaw, Krakow and Rzeszow. Such connections start Eurolot company.
Eurolot is a company belonging to the state and Lot Polish Airlines, has 14 planes. Soon to come next, the carrier wants to be competitive for road and rail, because the domestic routes will be as much as possible.
Eurolocie cheapest [...]

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Investments stopped mess

- Efforts to money for expansion of the airport in Goleniów accompanied rush and mess. So now the investment is at stake - set the "voice". Shareholders are concerned about the port and demand explanations.
As for work worth 100 million. Yesterday we revealed that even three months after the start of construction, the contractor stopped work.
Company Szczecin-Goleniów no money. Half of the investment [...]

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For 100 million investment at risk.

United flap.
At the airport in Goleniów works 126 people. Most use. Company Szczecin-Goleniów has 7-seater administration. In 2010. Port handled 300 thousand. passengers.
Open the pump expansion of the airport in Goleniów is a financial disaster. Worth 100 million investment is at stake. The contractor stopped work because the port for months he does not pay.
According to our findings investor - [...]

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Goleniów airport safer

400 thousand. zł cost-proof suit EOD-9, ejector and pyrotechnic boom.
Regional Office gave PSG in Szczecin - Goleniów high quality specialized equipment which will be used by qualified officials primarily in Goleniów airport for identifying dangerous items left in the communal area of ​​the port.
The equipment will also be used to neutralize disclosed explosive materials or devices that can [...]

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Goleta: Flights from Szczecin to Lisbon

Source: - Peter Yassin,
Goleta: Flights to Lisbon: From the port Goleniów Tuesday we have a connection with Lisbon, and continue with South America and Africa.
Already on Tuesday, as part of the new schedule, we can fly from Szczecin through Warsaw to Lisbon and then to Brazil and Africa. TAP Portugal offers cruises in collaboration with PLL [...]

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Customs officers got new equipment for a half million zł

Half a million cost portable X-ray to controlled suitcases and packages left in the public area of ​​the airport. Equipment bought provincial governor.

- The kit is designed for use by officers of the Border Guard facility in Szczecin - Goleniów and aims to improve the security of passengers and the entire airport - explains m³. [...]

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Goleniów airport in the Constitutional Court

Voice wrote Szczecin ( Airport Goleniów fighting for half a million zlotys in court. As for the fees associated with conducting surveillance and control of the airport by the Civil Aviation Authority. Matter dealt with the Constitutional Court. The Court has considered the constitutionality of the legislation under which the airport in Goleniów requested annual fees. As reported [...]

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