Budimex works divided into 4 stages. Builds, among others, taxiways, aprons modernizes. There will also be renovated main runway.

Is being rebuilt airport. The project will cost more than 100 million zł. Work is expected to be completed within one year.

Reconstruction of the airport began in March. The main contractor is the Warsaw Budimex, which for earlier work at the airport has already received 87 million zł. The value of the next stage of the project will exceed 100 million zł.

- As part of the contract thoroughly to rebuild the infrastructure for the safe handling of air traffic - says Krzysztof Domagalski, the Airport Szczecin-Goleniów.

Yesterday we did reconnaissance after construction. The contractor executes the investment at the time of an active airport. This makes it difficult task, but thanks to the passengers do not feel the burden associated with the work.

Budimex work divided into four stages. The first includes the construction of taxiways and the expansion of one of the aprons. The restored will also be paved surface of the runway.

In the second stage, the contractor will build further stretch parallel taxiway and apron modernize another. By October, work should be completed. At that time there will be no restrictions in the functioning of the airport.

In the next phase, a continuation of taxiway and apron will be refurbished 1. By November, the company should with these robots despatch. The last stage includes the complete overhaul of the runway with a length of 2.5 kilometers and a width of 60 meters. Final work is planned in June next year.

- At this time the airport will be appointed replacement runway so the airport will continue to operate safely - adds Krzysztof Domagalski.
At the moment, Budimex made more than 35 percent. work.
Reconstruction of airports financed with an investment loan with PKO BP the amount of 51.6 million zł nearly 47.5 million zł EU funds and the money shareholders airport.

Source: GS24.pl